stephaniesing“I’m so impressed in how you’re able to create an environment that brings each of us from terrified to eager participant. I got so much out of the weekend that my head is still spinning!” –VS Student

”VoiceShop Retreat is one the most influential events in my development as a jazz singer. It is challenging on every level but at the same time it is a family-like environment where you feel protected and encouraged.” –VS Student

”Madeline rocks! VoiceShop was rejuvenating, clarifying, fun, gorgeous, inventive, challenging, intimate.” –VS STUDENT


“This weekend was a truly cathartic experience for me. Your VoiceShop was sublime!”–VS STUDENT


vs-class10“The VoiceShop Retreat we just had with Madeline Eastman was pure magic. We would be happy in a shack but we were in a gorgeous house surrounded by the trees and with the lake peaking at us (“and little pathways far descending” :-); filled with art and high tech gadgets. Fed by Mad as if it was a top restaurant… But of course above all, the challenge, the joy, the creativity of our mentor, the thrill of singing with Randy Porter, the camaraderie of fellow singers working hard waaaay outside of the comfort zone…. It just couldn’t be better. This is one of the best experiences ever. Madeline – thank you for creating this unique opportunity, for your mentorship, love and respect, and for opening our ears. You captured our hearts… again…” –VS STUDENT


“…a truly life-changing experience!” –VS STUDENT


avery“Had a mind-blowing & insanely inspiring jazz intensive taught by the magnificent Madeline Eastman this past weekend. Her VoiceShop Retreats are held in a stunning home overlooking Lake Tahoe & each singer gets loads of time to sing. In between work sessions & walks by the lake, Madeline cooks everyone gourmet meals — I still haven’t recovered from the sheer fabulosity of it all…..” –VS STUDENT


“Here I am…a Jazz singer..and it all started with you at my first Jazz Camp in Stanford way back in 2000. And I came back to “The Voice Workshop@ Incline Village, overlooking Lake Tahoe to get more of that good stuff you had to offer. I could never imagine it would be this glorious!” –VS STUDENT


ken“It’s taken me awhile since last weekend to write because it’s hard to find words to express how touched I am by the loving care you took of all of us…There has never been in my experience of vocal workshops, and I have taken many, a teacher who pays exquisite attention to the detail of what each individual needs, concerning comfort, delicious gourmet meals made by you…made from SCRATCH, and to top that, you provided a warm nurturing sleeping quarter with a cozy bathrobe, Jacuzzi Tub, Chocolate for a good night Kiss, and a “do not disturb sign” on the door knob. A RETREAT INDEED!” –VS STUDENT


“The VoiceShopRetreat: In addition Mad, you provided each student with what they individually needed to discover, stretch and learn about who they are as a vocalist, what they want more of and how to achieve it. It was enlightening in your ways of clearly communicating lyrical and rhythmic teachings, applying them to challenging scat phrasing, as well as back and front phrasings. Most important for me was finding out my need to listen more to the pianist. Our wonderful Randy Porter, as I sang. Taking more space, and finding new ways to end a tune was just what I needed to learn among all the other teachings you so generously shared..all gained from your knowledge and insights throughout your years as a respected vocalist and teacher.. I can still feel your loving heart Mad, in all that you created to make this the best retreat ever for all of us. I can’t wait to come back.”


sing“I can’t say enough amazing and wonderful things about the Voiceshop Retreat with Madeline Eastman. What a special weekend that I will cherish for the rest of my life with some truly inspiring people. I have already started to put her teachings to use and am excited to continue to grow vocally! Thank you thank you thank you!!!” –VS STUDENT


“This weekend was a truly cathartic experience for me on many levels… I realigned with my love for jazz and jazz musicians, and I came to some personal realizations that I would not have on my own. I won’t go into details, but in addition to my vocal jazz goals, I also have some personal goals to live a happier, more purposeful life. Coming to a place like the VoiceShop with the group of people we had one could not walk away a changed person. Madeline, you are an inspiring, beautiful and simply wonderful person.” –VS STUDENT


julia“Madeline rocks, in a strikingly jazzy way. VoiceShop this last weekend was rejuvenating, clarifying, fun, gorgeous, inventive, challenging, intimate…. Crafted by the one and only Madame Eastman. Thank you lady!” –VS STUDENT


“This weekend was freaking awesome. The pure blessing of each and every one of you allowed our days to be spiritually and musically reinvigorating.” –VS STUDENT


“Vocal heaven….Yes!! Thanks for a fabulous, wonderful, informative Voiceshop retreat. I’m still flyin’.” –VS STUDENT


“Madeline Eastman’s VoiceShop Retreat is one the most influential events in my development as a jazz singer. It is challenging on every level but at the same time it is a family like environment where you feel protected and encouraged. It simply couldn’t be better.” –VS STUDENT


vs-group3“Thank you for an amazing Retreat. I feel more and more confident to move forward towards an open mic and beyond. You’re a fantastic teacher. I’m so impressed by how much you know, how beautiful your singing is, how you’re able to create an environment that brings each of us from terrified to eager to participate. I got so much out of the weekend that my head is still spinning and I’m still singing variations of Let’s Fall in Love! I’m practicing the turn-around, I’m practicing getting the 2nd syllable of Blasé’ right. I’m telling other singers about you and the workshop. It was great. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” –VS STUDENT


“If ever I meet an aspiring jazz singer and they ask me how to improve their craft, I tell them to attend Madeline Eastman’s VoiceShop. Bar none, the BEST teacher out there. You will come out knowing how to get out of a tune, front-phrase, back-phrase, use a microphone wisely, stop filling up bar lines (space – the final frontier), sit back on your heels, dig in and BE HIP, BABY!! Oh… and while learning all of this be an audience to Madeline’s non-stop comedic wit. The best time you can have with your clothes on!! Thanks Madeline for your never-ending love of your craft. You are a gift to all of us who have been lucky enough to be your students” –VS STUDENT